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Fox News's Carl Cameron shows compassion, offers needy CNN anchor a Coke


A profile in the New York Times looks at Fox News' chief political correspondent Carl Cameron. The story says Cameron has interviewed Mitt Romney no less than nine times in the past year.

"I often get criticized for having more access, but there’s a reason for that," Cameron told the Times. "These are Campaign Carl’s rules for winning the nomination: Get out early and get out often. And how do you win the story? Get out early and get out often. I am out there in Iowa and New Hampshire before any of the national press.”

And he's always there for those truly in need.

Despite the fierce competitiveness of his network, his rivals describe him as collegial. John Berman of CNN recalled an interaction with him this week in which Mr. Cameron committed a mortal sin: aiding the enemy.

Mr. Berman said he needed a Coke, but his network’s cooler was empty. Mr. Cameron offered him one of Fox’s.

“It didn’t matter what letters were on my microphone,” Mr. Berman said. “What mattered is that I was thirsty. That’s more than fair and balanced. That’s awesome.”

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