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RNC gospel singer BeBe Winans slammed with racist, hateful Tweets


Continuing to parade their ignorant assumptions about who should and should not be a Republican, liberals on Twitter unleashed a fury of hate on famed gospel singer BeBe Winans after Mr. Winans delivered a stunning performance from the Republican National Convention.

Here's just a small sample of the vile things people had to say. Twitchy has many more, but this is a family site so I'm not going to publish them here...

I went to YouTube to see if I could find a video of Mr. Winans' phenomenal performance and stumbled across this... a "reporter" bluntly asking the black singer, "Why are you here??"

Now, I could be reading too much into this, but I sensed soem implied stereotypes in the reporter's question.  Like many black conservatives are asked every day, I inferred that this reporter was wondering what attracted a black man to the Republican Party -- because, you know, conservatives are all Uncle Tom racists and what-not.

I want to first and foremost commend Mr. Winans for not turning and walking away from this woman. Instead, he gives the best possible answer to this obnoxious question: "Why not be here? ... We are all Americans first."  When the reporter assumes Mr. Winans must have been paid to attend (because seriously, why else would he?!?!), he responds: "Not a dollar given."  He goes on to explain that his music asks for Americans to come together.  "If we unite then there's nothing we can't accomplish... I didn't get paid a dime, but I'm glad I came."


If someone asked me this insulting question, I. Would. Explode.  I would turn into this crazy-annoyed sarcastic Hulk-of-a-person and start shouting about how this is a free country.

It's as if liberals think blacks aren't allowed to be Republicans. It's as if liberals think blacks shouldn't be Republicans or that blacks shouldn't perform in front of Republican audiences.  It's such an insulting degradation of character and one of the most blatantly racist things I've witnessed in a long time. This "reporter" should be ashamed of herself.

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