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Real News From The Blaze:' Myth of Democrat Party Tolerance


For some time now conservatives have argued that they have been inaccurately smeared as racist, sexist and homophobic, directly by those on the Left--and at times subtly by the media. The claims of the Democratic Party's mixed record on tolerance from conservatives have been frequent over the past two weeks through each party's national convention. Even The Daily Show with Jon Stewart aired a skit Wednesday night calling attention to how inclusive the party of Jackson, Roosevelt and Clinton, really is today.

The degree of tolerance at the DNC has been called into further question following what sounded like loud booing following an amendment to the Democratic Party platform reinstating God-language and belief that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. While Democrats will say they have expanded support for the LGBTQ community, ethnic minorities and women, where do people of faith, gun owners, entrepreneurs, and those who live outside of urban centers fit in the Democratic Party tent?

On "Real News From The Blaze" Thursday the panel discussed how inclusive the Democratic Party really is to all Americans, rather than specific groups that adhere to their agenda:

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