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Under God or Gov't? Would Lincoln Have Been Booed at DNC? Beck Poses Powerful Questions


"Is this the America you grew up knowing?"

"Do not ignore the warning signs."

That was Glenn Beck's message on TheBlaze TV on Wednesday. Specifically, he pointed to governments putting themselves in the "role of God" and what results. "It's not pretty."

One warning sign he believes is quite clear is a video the Democrats played on screen on Tuesday night that said we "belong" to government.

"Is this the America you grew up knowing?" he asked. "When you imagine the future, is this the America you imagine is going to be better? One where you are property of the government."

He of course then gave a little lesson on the Constitution and "we the people" owning the government, not the other way around. He also wondered if Abraham Lincoln would have been booed at the DNC. Watch it below:

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