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Obama Cracks Birther Joke With Young Hawaiian in Florida: 'You Have a Birth Certificate?


FLASHBACK: Chris Matthews says Romney "encouraging white anger" with similar joke

(Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

(TheBlaze/AP) -- It's that birther thing again.

President Barack Obama was at an Orlando sports bar, snapping a University of Florida Gators' sign, sipping a pint and working a crowd when he walked up to a table with five children. According to the Associated Press, one of the adults pointed to one of the boys-- 7-year-old Andre Wupperman of Orlando-- and informed the president that he was born in the president's native state of Hawaii.

The president, seemingly delighted, greeted the boy with a Shaka sign, the pinky and thumb gesture typical of Hawaiian culture. The boy gestured back.

"You were born in Hawaii?" the president said. Then he added teasingly: "You have a birth certificate?"

The patrons at Gator's Dockside, clearly aware of the discredited claims that Obama was not born in the United States, reportedly broke up laughing.

When Mitt Romney made a birther joke in late August, the Obama campaign quickly released a video saying Mitt Romney was "distracting from real issues."

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina added in a mass email that the joke marked a “new low for Mitt Romney.”

MSNBC's Chris Matthews has cited the joke as an example of the Republican hopeful "encouraging white anger," and Ed Schultz has even found birther references where none exist.

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