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Allen West: I Needed 'A Bottle of Maalox' To Finish President's DNC Speech, 'Take Your Traveling Road Show Somewhere Else


“This guy has not a clue about  how to maintain peace through strength.”

President Obama does not have "a clue" according to congressman Allen West.

The congressman, who is not  known for parsing words when it comes to the administration, spoke to the Republican Jewish Coalition Sunday night in Boca Raton, Florida.  West was particularly animated in the speech, assailing what he sees as the president's failures in foreign and domestic policy.

West opened by mentioning that it took a "bottle of Maalox" to listen to Obama's DNC speech.  West then began enumerating the "lies" and "deceitful sentences and statements" that the president made in his address.

West, an Iraq war veteran, took offense to the claim that the president ended the Iraq war.  “Coming from a military man," West began, "there are only two ways that you end a war, you either win it, or you lose it.”   West continued by comparing Obama to Jimmy Carter, stating that Obama has "no vision" on foreign policy.  West attacked the president on his soft policy toward Russia and Israel stating, “This guy has not a clue about  how to maintain peace through strength.”

West told the cheering audience:

“You are going to send a message to this president, take your traveling road show somewhere else, but don’t bring it back to Florida.”

West then doubled down, calling the Obama's DNC speech “the weakest plea that I ever heard to get another term.”

West, who is predicted to win his highly contested race in November, has been the victim of some vicious attacks himself.  Last month, a political PAC released an online ad depicting West beating elderly women and laughing like a gremlin.  West concluded his speech in a typical with his typical punctuation style:

“We have a vice president that stood up there and told the American people that we have turned the corner.  The only corner that we have turned is to go onto the road to perdition, and we are going down that sucker like a bat out of hell.”

Watch West's comments Below:

(H/T: Javier Manjarres, shark-tank.net)


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