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Stephanopoulos: Extreme abortion groups 'have the possibility of hurting Democrats


On Fox News' O'Reilly Factor tonight, ABC's This Week anchor George Stephanopoulos was on to discuss the state of the Democratic Party.

"So, there is a very strong, moderate faction in the Democratic party," show host Bill O'Reilly said. "However speaker after speaker after speaker [at the Democratic convention] was very far left. Did that surprise you?"

Stephanopoulos, who served as the communications director in the Clinton administration, said that the abortion issue, a recurring topic at the convention, "energizes a lot of people in the Democratic Party."

O'Reilly then asked specifically about unrestricted access to abortion. "That's what [pro-choice group] NARAL wants, that's what Sandra Fluke wants..." O'Reilly said.

"I think when that element of the Democratic Party kind of takes over, I think it does have the possibility of hurting Democrats in the general election," Stephanopoulos said.


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