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The Incredible, Unlikely Story of a Boy Being Reunited With His Stuffed Monkey That Will Likely Make You Cry


"He came in the mail today."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

A touching, somewhat miracle of a story has been making its rounds on the Internet since last week. It's the story of Liam and his blue stuffed monkey named "Ah-ah," who after going missing for three years was found on eBay and reunited with his rightful owner. Naturally, the reunion was filmed and has since been put on YouTube.

For many a child's stuffed animal or favored blanket, it is a heartbreaking turn of events when these items are lost, but it's a relatively common occurrence as they're taken on every adventure the youngster embarks upon. For Liam from Omaha, Neb., Ah-ah was a faithful companion, traveling from home to grandparents to preschool and, on one fateful trip, to the Rocky Mountains. It was there where Liam and Ah-ah were separated.

Liam's father, in a video posted on YouTube, writes that his son was "absolutely devastated." Like many parents have done over the years in an effort to recover lost items, Liam's parents called all the stops in search for the blue monkey -- nothing turned up.

At this point, parents would generally give up or try to assuage the pain with a replacement. Liam's mom kept looking though, and it paid off. The video explains that while searching eBay for a viola for her daughter, Liam's mom on instinct searched for "blue monkey."

HyperVocal, the first to pick up the story, reports the mother found Ah-ah listed on the site (see below) from a seller in Florida with the store named Lost Loves Toy Chest.

Amazed at finding such a similar blue monkey, the mom bought the stuffed animal thinking she had finally found a decent replacement three years later for her son.

Thanks to tell-tale marks on the monkey when it arrived, the family knew it wasn't just a replacement.

Watch the reunion of the well-loved stuffed animal for yourself (Note: Actual reunion starts at 1:50):

Liam's mother can barely hold it together herself as she starts reminding her son of the Ah-ah's characteristics -- how he cut the tag off when he was little. She begins to choke up at this point and starts crying when she says "He came in the mail today."

The New York Daily News contacted the owner of Loves Lost Toy Chest, Tammy Stavely, who said "I'm just happy that they found it."

“I'm so glad that I could help," Stavely continued, according to the New York Daily News. "I've been in that position and I know that that item is basically priceless, you can't sleep, the kid’s crying."

HyperVocal reports speaking with Liam's father who said his son is a bit embarrassed from all the attention his story has received, but the family would like to "turn all this positive attention into something good." HyperVocal states the father suggests if people are touched by Liam's reunion, they donate to MyCharityWater.org.

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