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Jennifer Granholm appears to have come down from her DNC high


If your first impression of Jennifer Granholm, former governor of Michigan, was formed during her absolutely hysterical Democratic convention speech last week, you either wanted more or less-- way less.

On the Monday edition of her Current TV show, Granholm said she was "shocked" at the reaction her speech generated. (The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza remarked the day after the speech that, "24 hours later" he was "still totally baffled by" it.)

Either way, it appears Granholm has simmered from her boiling point. Here's a clip from her show yesterday in which she makes the case for "Made in the U.S.A." using an Expo dry erase marker. She says seeing the phrase made her feel so good she wanted to buy more, "but we only have one dry erase board." While Granholm clearly cares about the issue, there's no Oprah-like yelling involved.

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