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Glenn Beck & Eliot Spitzer to Face Off in Verbal 'Boxing Match' on DISH Network


With the launch of TheBlazeTV on DISH Network the satellite television provider announced an upcoming "War of the Words" face-off between Glenn Beck and Current TV host Eliot Spitzer to discuss the first presidential debate in Denver, Oct. 2. Providing new and existing viewers with a taste of whats in store, on Thursday DISH hosted the two media personalities at a New York event that was staged as a weigh-in before a verbal "boxing match." Introduced by DISH Chief Executive Officer Joe Clayton, Spitzer and Beck delivered a taste of what’s to come and insight into their personal ideologies.

Beck opened his round with a robust discussion on American innovation and entrepreneurship, explaining that in today's society there is a clear delineation between those who recognize the government and those who recognize the individual.

Proving to be a pioneer in new multi-media, Beck explained that the future is indeed online, but that there is a contingent of the viewing public who still prefer accessing their programs via more traditional television. To this end, Beck's goal is to partner with DISH and increase viewers' access to the host of programs offered on TheBlazeTV.

With TheBlazeTV channel now airing alongside MSNBC and even Current TV, Beck believes that DISH is fast-becoming a go-to source for political and social news, analysis and commentary.

In terms of how TheBlazeTV will be received by viewers in relation to the other networks on air, Beck said, "let the consumers decide" and "let freedom ring."

For his round, Spitzer essentially did not disagree with any of Beck's points, but asserted that CurrentTV is a network dedicated to open dialogue and honest conversation based on facts and figures.

“With a presidential contest that appears to be up for grabs, DISH is proud to present content that delivers news and a full spectrum of opinion to give our viewers the perspective they need to make informed choices,” said Clayton.

“We are excited that TheBlaze is coming to television 24/7 starting exclusively with DISH,” said Beck in an official press release prior to Thursday's preview event. “We look forward to giving DISH subscribers and viewers across the country quality programming and engaging content filled with the facts and stories they care about most.”

“As the election draws closer, it’s important for Americans to have access to programming that keeps them informed of the political topics of today. The conversation with Glenn will be exciting and something I am looking forward to,” said Spitzer in a statement.

TheBlaze is included in DISH’s America’s Top 250 package on channel 212 and will be offered as a free preview until Sept. 26; Current TV is included in America’s Top 200 package; both can be purchased a la carte for $5 per month starting later this month.

"War of the Words" will be televised in front of a live audience Oct. 2, the eve of the first presidential debate in Denver.

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