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Herman Cain 'said some stuff' at N.C. State University


Herman Cain is on his 30 cities-30 days "Truth Tour" and earlier this week he stopped by N.C. State University. The student newspaper, the Technician, captured the experience in a staff editorial:

Truth,” that was the message of Herman Cain’s College Truth Tour ... or maybe it was “change.” Actually it might have been “dream.” It’s hard to tell, but what’s not too hard to tell is that Hermain Cain was at Stewart Theater yesterday, and he said some stuff. ...

The College Truth Tour wasn’t eye-opening or life-changing, but it was a great opportunity to get to know a man who wasn’t always shown in the media’s best light during his campaign.

The editorial thoughtfully concludes: "[S]hout-out to the guy who ran through Talley playing the Pokémon theme song on his boombox after the event."

[Technician Online]

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