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Live TV Gold: Baby Makes Priceless Face at Reporter Who Then Dances Around to 'Wizard of Oz


"E equals MC squared"

If the news of the past week has been heavy, take a moment and treat yourself to this lighthearted clip.

Last Thursday, KDVR-TV in Denver featured a segment with reporter Dan Daru at a local farm that allows people to pick their own food instead of having to buy it in the store. While at the farm, Daru decided to feature a baby that was making an believable face:

Daru decided to have a little fun, and imagined what the baby -- who he called "Drew the farm kid" -- was saying using an Einstein-like voice and quotes. Not surprisingly, "Drew" started crying. That soon led to Daru dancing around and singing a song from "The Wizard of Oz."

It really has to be seen:

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