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Rand Paul Warns on 'Biggest Danger' America Faces and Offers A Solution


"If you could have one bill passed and signed by the president, what would that be," Senior Contributor Mallory Factor asked Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul during an interview at TheBlaze's New York City newsroom last week.

"It wouldn't actually be a bill," Paul responded. "It would be an amendment to the constitution that says we have to balance our budget."

"I think it would be the most important thing we could do for our country," the Senator went on to say. "The biggest danger we face right now is the debt."

A balanced budget amendment. It seems like a simple enough concept for any American to understand or endorse, but has been met with roadblocks in Washington for generations.

In an exclusive interview with TheBlaze, Sen.Paul discussed balancing the budget and the National Debt, and how he expects either Romney or Obama to address these issues should they win this November. The Kentucky Senator also gave his take on the budget plans of Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan, who is currently chair of the House Budget Committee. While the majority of coverage on the Ryan plan has centered on debate whether his budget is too fiscally conservative, Sen. Paul commented to TheBlaze that he believes the Ryan plan does not go far enough.

"I've been outspoken to the fact that his doesn't go far enough either," Sen. Paul said of the Ryan Plan, that adds $3-4 trillion over ten years with the goal of balancing the budget in 28 years.

"That's not enough for me," Sen.Paul went on to say. "It needs to balance within your term of office, or balance within a finite period of time."

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