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Joy Behar: Mitt Romney is 'kind of scared of us


On her Current TV program Say Anything last night Joy Behar told NBC's Meredith Vieira that she thinks Mitt Romney is "kind of scared" to come on The View.

"Well, sure. Wouldn't you be if you were him?" said Vieira, who has co-hosted The View. "It is somewhat liberal, the show."

On the infamous "47 percent" video that surfaced this week Romney is heard discussing why he doesn't appear on more talk shows. Of The View, he says the show is "high-risk" because most of the hosts are not conservative and "sharp-tongued."

Yesterday on The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck (the conservative voice on the show) said the Romney campaign has indicated it would be willing to have Romney come on in October.

Behar said she planned on "questioning" Romney. "I like [NBC's] David Gregory," she said, "but I thought he could have been tougher [in his interview with Romney on Sunday]."

"I'm not saying a word," Vieira said.

Viera went on to say both Romney and President Obama should receive more difficult questions from the press, particularly on Afghanistan. "I'm furious. I want to know why we're staying there one day longer and what their game plan is. I don't get it at all," she said.

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