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Did You Miss 'FreePAC Ohio' Last Weekend? Glenn Beck's Got the Highlights


"The mainstream media is out of control."

(Photo: TheBlaze)

On Friday's edition of "The Glenn Beck Program" on TheBlazeTV, Glenn Beck provided a recap of FreedomWorks' "FreePAC Bootcamp" event that took place in Cincinnati last weekend.

In coordination with FreedomWorks, which the host called one of the most "important organizations" in America, Beck and other speakers were able to draw thousands of people from all over the country. The event focused on the importance of getting out the vote and taking action for the 2012 election, arguably the most important election in a generation.

"You are going to be discouraged every step of the way," Beck said on his show Friday. "Tonight,  I want to show you, you shouldn't be discouraged. Some of the biggest names of the conservative movement took to the stage to join me on my call of action for the country and the place was electric."

Speakers included conservative radio host Dana Loesch, Rev. C.L. Bryant and, of course, Glenn Beck. More than 6,000 people showed up to the event and another 20,000 people tuned in online.

Below are some of the highlights from "FreePAC Bootcamp."

Beck discusses how the "mainstream media is out of control" and how you can get involved with TheBlaze's "Action Center":

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