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Nevada Republican Challenges Harry Reid, Invokes Clint Eastwood: 'Make Our Day and Release Your 2011 Tax Return


"...Harry Reid made his money by taking money from the private sector and redistributing it through government."

Earlier this year, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), citing an anonymous source that may or may not exist, infamously accused GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney of paying zero taxes over a 10-year period. Now that his theory has been thoroughly debunked with the release of the nominee's 2011 tax returns, Reid is now being challenged to put his money where his mouth is.

Dave Buell, chairman of the Washoe Country Republican party in Nevada, called on Reid in an email blast Friday evening to disclose his 2011 tax return, The Washington Times reports. Oh, and he also invoked Clint Eastwood.

"Senator, make our day and release your 2011 tax return," Buell wrote.

Romney has repeatedly denied Reid's wild tax accusation, however, the issue was permanently put to bed on Friday when he released his 2011 tax returns, which showed he payed 14.1 percent in federal income tax while donating 30 percent of his $13.7 million income to charity, or $4 million. Further, the Romney campaign said Friday that the GOP nominee's average effective tax rate was around 20 percent over the past two decades.

Not long after Romney's tax dump, Buell sent out the mass email calling for Reid to do the same and release his tax records "so that all Nevadans can see that he is paying his fair share," according to The Washington Times.

"In addition, Mr. Reid should explain to all of us how he became a millionaire on a bureaucrat's salary. Mitt Romney earned his money by investing in companies, people and creating jobs in the private sector while Harry Reid made his money by taking money from the private sector and redistributing it through government," Buell wrote.

Buell also hit Reid on his job as a Nevada senator, saying the state's unemployment rate is one of the highest in the nation, which rests at 12.1 percent as of Friday.

Even after Romney disclosed his 2011 tax returns, Reid refused to apologize for his unfounded accusations. Instead, he accused Romney of "manipulating" the system.

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