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Republican' Deer Repeatedly Destroys Texas Couple's Front Yard Obama Sign


"We were making fun of it, saying the deer must be a Republican."

(Courtesy: Tom and Beth Priem/Fox News)

Tom Priem, a software support engineer, and his wife, Beth, were sick and tired of constantly finding the Obama sign in front of their Austin, Texas home destroyed. They were certain it was a mischievous Republican who didn't like President Obama. In fact, Tom even called a city hotline to report the incident in case it turned out to be a dangerous offender.

"The sign had holes poked in it like somebody had stuck a knife through it," Tom Priem told Fox News on Friday. "At first I thought it was somebody who didn’t like Obama."

So imagine the Texas couple's surprise when they discovered the anti-Obama, sign destroyer was a buck. That's right, as in the animal. Beth Priem was able to snap the following photo just moments after the sign was trashed on Wednesday (notice the crumpled Obama sign on the bottom right):

Thus concludes the deer's nearly 10 day rampage against the Obama sign. What is still a mystery is why the animal seems to hate the Priems' sign particularly, as other people on the street had signs up that went untouched.

"People across the street have signs and their signs have not been attacked...It’s just a weird thing. Maybe they don’t like something in the front yard where they graze," Tom Priem speculated.

"It’s just a weird thing," he added. "We were making fun of it, saying the deer must be a Republican."

Deer doesn't dig this dude's display

His wife was able to catch the deer in the act, and on camera, on Wednesday thanks to the couple's Yorkshire terrier, Charlie, who alerted her of the commotion outside, according to Fox News.

"Charlie chased him until the deer jumped the fence and got away," she said, adding that she was "glad it wasn’t a human, either a silly kid or a strange adult."

Hoping to keep the anti-Obama buck away from their sign, Tom and Beth have moved it closer to the house.

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