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SNL: Ann Romney Snaps Back at Mitt's GOP Critics


Saturday Night Live's first full spoof of Ann Romney featured the Republican presidential nominee's wife lashing out at critics of her husband's campaign.

Romney, played by new cast member Kate McKinnon, appeared on SNL's "Weekend Update" segment and addressed, among other things, her defensive comments from last week about the campaign being "hard."

"Yes it's hard, the campaign has meant many sacrifices to our schedule," Romney said. "It's fall and we're missing apple picking season. And we love apple picking, Seth -- it's like Mormon Mardi Gras. I once drank so much cider I woke up the next morning in my bed wearing my pajamas."

On charges she and Mitt are elitist and out of touch, Romney asked whether they're "more elitist than Barack and Michelle Obama -- they're friends with Jay-Z and Beyoncé.”

"Everyone says I'm unrelatable because I had a horse in the Olympics," she said. “Well, let me tell you what. I would kill that horse if I could meet Beyoncé.”

To Republicans who have still not gotten behind her husband, Romney asked whether they really think the campaign would be going better with a different candidate.

"Who? Rick Santorum? Are you thinking you missed the boat with Newt Gingrich? If you think I'm unrelatable, check out Callista Gingrich, she looks like a character from 'Mars Attacks,'" she said. "You guys wish Ron Paul was still running? Well guess what, he probably is because he's a lunatic who doesn't understand how voting works. And if you want Rick Perry back that's really easy, just say his name three times and he'll show up" -- which he did.

She concluded by posing the question that if the race was so "winnable," why didn't Jeb Bush, Chris Christie or Marco Rubio jump in.

"Fellas if you don't nut up, you've got to shut up," she said.

Watch the full sketch below, via NBC:

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