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An Alien-Like Voice Just Briefly Forced an MSNBC Show Off the Air (Seriously)


Can you guess what it was saying?

We're not exactly sure what just happened over at MSNBC, but during a bash-Republicans segment on Martin Bashir's show, an odd technical glitch forced the show to cut to stop and cut to commercial. But this wasn't just any technical glitch -- it was one that involved an alien voice.

About 10 minutes into Bashir's 4pm ET show, a loud beeping noise interrupted the broadcast and a robotic, alien voice uttered something twice before Bashir was cut off by a commercial. See for yourself:


We can't quite make it out what the voice was saying. When Bashir came back on air, the show was still plagued by audio issues. Still, the show went on.

If you have theories on what the voice said, let us know below.


As some of you have quickly pointed out, it sounds like the voice is saying "channel"

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