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Beck Speaks to 143,000 Catholics About Voting & Politics During Tele-Townhall: 'God Will Not Hold Us Guiltless


"You weren't born at this time for no reason."

On Tuesday night, Glenn Beck hosted a tele-townhall for on the importance of Catholic voters in the 2012 presidential election. The event, which was moderated by Rachel Campos-Duffy, was held via telephone, with a startling 143,000 people dialing in to participate. During the discussion, Beck discussed everything from personal responsibility at the polls and social justice to the value of human life.

Beck began with the rise of anti-Semitism and anti-Catholicism that has developed of late, while highlighting the fact that these are both issues he's warned about in the past. He then moved on to one of the central tenets of the Catholic faith that has been manipulated by the left -- social justice.

"What has happened over the last 100 years in the social justice movement...there's a fundamental misunderstanding of what social justice is," Beck explained. "Social justice, as the pontiff would [see] it, is your responsibility as an individual to listen to the gospel and then act -- go and serve."

However, this is radically different from the worldview that liberals generally embrace. The radio and television host contended that the version of social justice that many progressives tout is incorrectly based on the government acting "on your behalf."

Rather than allowing these values to consume the Catholic Church, Beck encouraged believers to stand up for their values. "The Catholic Church is a force for good," Beck proclaimed.

Later in the discussion, a listener asked, through Campos-Duffy, what she, as a mother, could do to help the current sociopolitical situation. Beck delved into the importance of mothers in paving the way toward a more viable future.

"It is mothers that have raised the sons and the women that have changed the world," Beck told the Catholic audience, highlighting the notion that this is the most important role a person can fulfill.

In addition to mothers, the popular commentator encouraged every individual to get involved and to speak up for their Catholic faith. The responsibility for everyone, he said, is a great burden.

"God will not hold us guiltless. If you look at what is happening in the Middle East -- there is a clear vision of good and a clear vision of evil," he proclaimed. "You weren't born at this time for no reason."

Beck also went on to discuss wealth and his views on why so many mistakingly assume that the Republican Party is merely a political movement exclusively for the rich.

"Nothing on earth will turn this election except for the American people turning to God with all of your hope, all of your strength, everything you have," he said toward the end of the discussion.

Listen to the tele-townhall, below:

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