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Farrakhan Unleashed: Libyan Ambassador Stevens Would Still Be Alive & Unharmed If Gaddafi Was In Power


"Ambassador Stevens could go anywhere in Libya and he wouldn't be harmed "

In a statement at a townhall meeting Wednesday night, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan argued that the late U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens would still be alive and unharmed if Muammar Gaddafi were still alive.

Farrakhan said "Gaddafi had an ordered society. Ambassador Stevenson [sic] could go anywhere in Libya and he wouldn't be harmed when Gaddafi was in power."  Farrakhan continued, "but when the enemy came then we became divided more-so than ever."


Ambassador Stevens and three others died in a coordinated Islamist attack on the American Consulate in Libya this month. Farrakhan's claim adds powerful punctuation to the internal unrest and shock in the wake of the incident. The Obama administration, including the State Department, have been in utter disarray post-attack, conflating stories, misplacing blame and cursing out reporters. It should also be noted that Farrakhan was a supporter of the late Gaddafi.

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