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26 Amazing Fast Food Items You Will Never Get to America


American fast food chains are booming abroad.  But don't expect your typical stars and stripes fare in these joints.  The free market has rendered the fare of Pizza Hut, McD's, BK and Wendy's almost unrecognizable.   The saddest part?  Some of this stuff looks AMAZING!


Egg Custard Tart (Asian markets)


We Love Them!


Fish Doughnuts (Singapore)


Shrimp Stars (Singapore)




Are you in the McMood? (Netherlands)


Something tells me this is not proper Spanish (Sweden)



These are actually delicious (Germany)



People still say 'Sultan?' Awesome (Croatia)


Germany just gets the best of everything

But of course! (UK)


Not fair! (Spain)


Even Noodles! (Austria)


But we don't think you should eat any of these here

Pizza Hut!

The Actual Cheeseburger Pizza (Turkey)

Hot Dog stuffed crust (UK)


There are no words (Middle East Region)


 Burger King!

 Love windows 7 (Japan)


Pork Sausage & fried egg (Hong Kong)




 Truffle Grilled Chicken (Singapore)



Lobster & caviar burger (Asian Markets)



Foie Gras Burger (Japan)



The Black Bun Collection!

Squid Ink burger (Burger King, Hong Kong)



Yin Yang burgers (McDonald's, China)



 Darth Vader Burger (Quick Burger, France)









And some things we suggest you never eat abroad

Anything with peanut butter, bacon and jalapeno (Canada)

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