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Glenn Beck Asks If You Have Heard About the 'Secretary of State Project


On Tuesday evening, Glenn Beck informed viewers about the "Secretary of State Project," a George Soros-funded organization that began in 2006 as a means to help Democrats secure the position of Secretary of State in certain swing states. Beck said that these states are specifically ones where Sen. John Kerry had lost to George W. Bush in 2004. The main reason, according to Beck, that the left is already managing expectations for the upcoming presidential debate is because it's already managing exceptions for the election even before the votes are in (this might explain the skewed poling numbers in favor of President Obama).

While some might be currently wondering why the position of Secretary of State is of particular importance to Soros or Democratic operatives, Beck reasoned that the role is inexpensive to fund yet yields considerable influence over election regulations and results. Some might recall that Katherine Harris of Florida and Kenneth Blackwell of Ohio were two Secretary of States that oversaw and ultimately, determined, the presidential voting outcome in both 2000 and 2004 in their respective states.

Secretary of States are required via their position to certify election results, giving them considerable power. Beck went on to cite Minnesota's Mark Ritchie as an example of someone who decided an election in favor of the Left when he determined that now-Senator Al Franken had defeated the Republican incumbent Norm Coleman.

In 2010, five out of the seven candidates put forth by the Secretary of State project were defeated. While still existing on paper, the organization has since been relatively inactive. The Secretary of State website also appears to have been disabled, but the organization's Facebook page remains. It's stated mission reads as follows:

The Secretary of State Project was created by concerned citizens to provide an easy-to-use, low-cost vehicle for online donations to reform minded progressive Secretary of State candidates and incumbents in key battleground states. We also work on election related and voter protection issues.

Beck wondered that if Romney won the presidential election by a close margin, will the group be able to say he stole the election?

Beck then turned to how current polls are exaggerating Obama's lead over Romney and that what the polling agencies aren't skewing, the media is. The idea being that if Obama appears to be doing well, even better than Romney in the polls now, it will create a "bandwagon effect" for voters on election day.

According to Beck, Romney has spent his life "turning around" outcomes -- be it the Salt Lake City Olympics, or the companies he has streamlined while at Bain Capital like Staples and Home Depot.

"He's the guy who makes you work harder and smarter." At the end of the day, Romney, according to Beck, doesn't leave the companies he has engaged high and dry, rather he has pushed them to be better, to think differently and learn to thrive. Comparing Romney to a mechanic rather than a salesman, Beck asked who one would rather be around when his or her "economic engine is in trouble."

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