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Conservative Group Pushes for Ratification of the 'Law of Sea' Treaty


In a somewhat surprising turn of events conservative advocacy group Institute for Liberty came out in support of the decades-old "Law of the Sea," an international treaty regulating use of the world's oceans.

On Tuesday, the conservative group released the following video:

"The Institute for Liberty has given a great deal of thought about the Law of the Sea Treaty, since our opposition earlier in the year, and we hope that this video helps to spur people to rethink their opposition," said Institute for Libery President Andrew Langer in an email to TheBlaze.

He added, "On balance, we see the continued stalling of the treaty as a direct threat to American exceptionalism -- and base our position on principles near and dear to conservatives and libertarians from around the country. The treaty promotes investment, advances private property rights, works to keep our nation safe, and prevents us from losing ground to our economic and political rivals."

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