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Obama Scolds Moderator Jim Lehrer: 'I Had 5 Seconds Before You Interrupted Me


"Your five seconds went away a long time ago."

Part of the storyline during the first hour of Wednesday's presidential debate was the way both candidates interacted with the moderator, PBS's Jim Lehrer. Romney lightly joked with him during a discussion on subsidies and Big Bird. Barack Obama? Well, he got a little frustrated and took a shot.

After Obama tried to interject a response to one of Romney's points on healthcare, Lehrer tried to tell him he was out of time and move on. That's when Obama shot back a steely glance and a retort: "I had five seconds before you interrupted me."

Lehrer, however, didn't take it lightly. After Obama finished his response, Lehrer got the last word in: "Your five seconds went away a long time ago."

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