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A Sheep Born With an Upside Down Head That Lives Normally? You Got to See This


Can "do everything other sheeps can."

A sheep in the United Kingdom was born with an unusual deformity -- his head is allegedly upside down.*

Fortunately, the YouTube user MrMacca who posted a video of the animal, states that the vet has assured his friend, who owns the sheep, that it can "do everything other sheeps can." He writes that Terry, as the sheep is named, is not thought to be in any sort of pain.

You can see Terry stroll around the pasture eating grass in this video:

In the video is is a little hard to see the position of the sheep's head, so MrMacca includes pictures on an Imgur site.

See more pictures of Terry here.

Some commenters in the YouTube video say they think they see the sheep's head looking "perfectly normal" while he's eating in the video. MrMacca writes that he took photos to better show the extent of sheep's deformity.

Here is a photo of "normal" sheep for comparison purposes:

MrMacca most recently commented on the video that he was going to head back to the farm this weekend to get clearer images as well.

*We say "allegedly" because in this internet age, you just never know.

(H/T: io9)

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