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Who could blame Jim Lehrer for hiding today?


From the New York Times:

[Jim] Lehrer’s light touch was widely criticized during and after the debate on Wednesday night, particularly by Democrats who felt that President Obama’s Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, effectively moderated the debate himself. ...

Mr. Lehrer, 78, the former anchor of the “NewsHour” on PBS, moderated 11 presidential debates between 1988 and 2008. He had sworn off moderating future debates until the Commission on Presidential Debates convinced him to come back earlier this year. Mr. Lehrer declined an interview request on Thursday.

So Lehrer declined to speak with the New York Times about last night's debate. But who could blame him?

Here are the top Google News results today when users search the phrase "Jim Lehrer":

--Jim Lehrer criticized as debate moderator (San Jose Mercury News)

--Jim Lehrer is biggest loser in Denver debate (Fox News)

--Jim Lehrer: A stand-in for American dissatisfaction with media (Washington Post)

--Jim Lehrer Biggest Loser in Debate? (ABC News)

--Jim Lehrer: Useless (Salon)

--Moderator Jim Lehrer Declared the Presidential Debate's Real Loser (New York magazine)

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