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The best thing about Romney's post-debate surge

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Numerous polls out this week are finding that GOP challenger Mitt Romney has made significant inroads with independent voters across the country. Here's a brief round-up of independents, from The Hill:

IBD/ITP poll released today: Romney 52% Obama 34%.

Pew poll, released yesterday: Romney 46% Obama 42%.

Politico/GW poll, released yesterday: Romney 51% Obama 35%.

CNN, released last week: Romney 49% Obama 41%.

National Journal, released October 3: Romney 49% Obama 41%.

Aside from putting him in a better position to win the presidential election, the best thing about Romney's recent surge in popularity?  He earned it.

Take just a second and think about that.  Every one of these independent voters who have swung over to Romney's camp did so because they looked at the candidate and liked what they saw.

Romney didn't have to wait for Obama/Biden to make some huge gaffe (although there are plenty to choose from) and embarrass themselves.

Romney didn't have to run ads about how his opponent hates PBS.

Romney didn't have to use international crises or domestic politics to distract attention from his own record.

Romney didn't have to rely on Super PACs to run unflattering ads attacking his opponent.

Romney didn't have to blame the debate moderator for a poor performance.

Romney didn't have to promise freebies or government handouts in exchange for votes.

Romney didn't have to rely on the media to spin the story in his favor or avoid questions from reporters.

The best part about Romney's post-debate surge?  He didn't resort to any of Barack Obama's sordid strategies to convince voters he's the best choice in this election; he made it evident by just being himself.

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