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Debate Drumming: Final V.P. debate edition


A blink at what's being said about tonight's V.P. debate...

"[Vice President Joe] Biden I think will be terrific in the debate this week."-- President Obama, in a radio interview yesterday.

“Look, Joe Biden has been on this stage many times, this is my first time so sure it is a nervous situation because Joe Biden is one of the most experienced debaters we’ve had in modern politics. But the Achilles Heel he has is President Obama’s record and I am really looking forward to giving the American people a very clear choice."-- Paul Ryan, as he left Florida after two days of debate prep. [NBC News]

"[Biden's] in a good mood, good shape, this is something he's done before, and he knows what he's doing."-- Sen. Ted Kaufman (D-Del.), who has been advising Biden in his debate prep. [CBS News]

"We expect the vice president will be even more aggressive."-- Anonymous Romney adviser. [Wall Street Journal]

"[Ryan's] nervous. ... He's given a response to the president, debates in the Budget Committee and on the House floor and his congressional races, but nothing compared to the attention and the pressure that goes with a live nationally televised debate like this."-- Anonymous Ryan aide. [ABC News]

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