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Top Comments From Tonight's LIVE Chat With TheBlaze


Below are a few of the remarkable comments we pulled from tonight's LIVE chat with TheBlaze during the vice presidential debate...

Slick Willie: My drink word tonight is "middle class" ya think I'll get smashed??

Cat in Florida: Have to go get my sparkling grape juice ... otherwise fear would not make it to the end of the "drinking game"

CLW: I wonder if Biden will stay awake for the whole thing...

Tom Md: i'd rather do my P90X workout now

Brandon: If Biden keeps flashing that SMILE, I might have to vote for him.....

RonicaLeigh: I miss Jim.

Keith: Ryan needs to say, "This isn't a laughing matter Joe."

Bill Cosby: They should have done a breathalizer before the debate.

Rob Frazzini: You guys are drinking the cool aid. Love Ryan but he is getting spanked...

Texdad: Every time Biden interrupts, the trend line on CNN drops like a rock.

Sue z: I've been screaming at the TV since 9:00pm!

JamieWV: Blood shooting out of my eyes

CPT Cowboy: Biden BP check, I've got 190/110 right now...get the aspirin

Gof: I think Biden missed his nap today.

TP: Post something from us old people. Does Medicare pay for hair plugs, botox and teeth whitening?

Jayne Cobb: I have never seen Joe Biden and Big Bird in the same room together..... Hmmmmmm....

Guest: Ryan was respectful to the point of meekness and Joe was rude, arrogant and nasty. Even to the moderator. The viewers lost.

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