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You're Out of Your Mind!': Romney Surrogate Sununu Clashes With CNN Anchor Over Defending Obama

You're Out of Your Mind!': Romney Surrogate Sununu Clashes With CNN Anchor Over Defending Obama

"all the groupies on television...trying to cover his butt have been ​lying​ about the president trying to deceive America"

​Photo Credit: CNN

Former New Hampshire governor and Romney surrogate John Sununu has clashed with CNN's Soledad O'Brien in the past (remember when he told her to put a Obama bumper sticker on her forehead?), and Wednesday morning the two were at it again discussing last night's presidential debate.

Specifically, the two discussed the September 11 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, and whether Mitt Romney missed an opportunity to explain the repeated contradictions in the administration's response.

O'Brien begins by playing edited clips of the debate, in which Romney says it took the president two weeks to admit the attack was actually a "terrorist attack," before moderator Candy Crowley intervenes to say the president ​did​ refer to an act of terror the next day in the Rose Garden.  After applause for the president, Crowley also says Mitt Romney had the right "idea," however, and that the administration did spend roughly two weeks claiming the incident was a spontaneous protest in response to a YouTube video.

After O'Brien concludes "that's what happened," Snunu objects.

"The fact is that in that Rose Garden speech, the president first [said] it was the video, and then two weeks later at the U.N. the president goes out and tells the world six times it's the video.  The president got caught lying last night, and I think the world should know that!"

After O'Brien plays a clip from the Rose Garden speech, proving that Obama did in fact say the word "terror," Sununu responds:

"You left out the first part, and it's the first part where he's trying to tell the American public that it's because somebody in the U.S. used their [First Amendment] right and made a video... that caused the problem.

"This is ridiculous that you're trying to defend the president, who [five] days later sends out his Ambassador to the U.N. to ​five​ talk shows to say it's the video.  And two weeks later the president goes to the international stage and says 'video' six times!  That's ridiculous that you're trying to defend him on this."

When O'Brien attempts to place herself somewhat on Sununu's "side," saying Romney missed a real opportunity on Libya, Sununu remains unmoved:

"No, because what he did was put this in the conversation again.  And now people understand that the president and his ambassador for the U.N., and Jay Carney, and all the apologists for this White House, and all the groupies on television that are trying to cover his butt have been ​lying​ about the president trying to deceive America that that ​tragedy​ was the result of a video, rather than acknowledging right from the beginning that this was a well-planned, well-executed terrorist attack...

As O'Brien once again tries to point out that President Obama did mention terror in the Rose Garden speech, Sununu concluded dismissively: "This is ridiculous, and if you're going to dwell on this, you're out of your mind."

Here is video, via CNN:

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