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Brace yourselves: Alan Grayson is winning in FL-09

Alan Grayson

We thought we were rid of him after his landslide defeat in 2010, but former Rep. Alan "Die Quickly" Grayson is back on the ballot this year in the newly drawn 9th Congressional District -- and he's winning.

According to Real Clear Politics, nutty progressive is besting his Republican opponent, Todd Long, and the race is currently considered a "likely Dem" win.

God help us -- Alan Grayson is returning to Washington.

Not everyone in Florida is thrilled about the progressive hero's electoral prospects. The editorial board of the Orlando Sentinel opted to support NO ONE for Congress in the 9th District rather than lend their endorsement to Grayson or Long:

We've faced difficult choices in the past, and in recent years have felt compelled to make a pick nevertheless.

But in this race, we'll pass.

Neither candidate gives voters in District 9 any reason to expect the steady leadership and statesmanship that they deserve and Congress needs.

Elected to Congress in 2008, Democrat Alan Grayson became the toast of the left-wing blogosphere and a must-get on MSNBC for his over-the-top attacks on Republicans.

The schtick didn't play as well with voters in his old district and he lost his re-election bid by almost 18 points.

Grayson, an Orlando lawyer, is now making a comeback bid in this new district, which includes all of Osceola County and southeast Orange and northeast Polk counties.

If he was chastened by his landslide loss in 2010, there's no sign of it; he's been spouting the same hyperpartisan rhetoric ever since. Last year he referred to Democrats who would compromise with Republicans as "weenies."

If there's a silver lining to be found here, it's that Grayson will once again provide us with ample comedic material.

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