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Free App Created by NASA Engineer Gives Halloween Costumes High-Tech Twist



Last year NASA engineer Mark Rober put together a high-tech costume using two iPads to create the effect that he had a hole completely through his stomach. This year, he created a new app spawned from the idea, making it possible for you to do similar things with your smartphone, albeit on a smaller scale.

Given that not every household has two iPads at their disposal for this purpose, Rober created Digitaldudz, a free app for Android and iPhone. The app has preset animations that work with T-shirts, which are available for purchase, or you can design your own costume around the clip.

The "iWould" is a fleshy piece that works with the smartphone animation to make it look like you've been injured and are showing your insides. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

The smartphone controls the eye of this fellow. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

The presidential candidates are making an appearance as well with shifty eyes. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

ABC/Yahoo! News' "This Could Be Big" recently tested out the gear and spoke with Rober -- in a rather interesting way -- about the tech. Check it out:

The app includes animations for a beating heart, creepy moving eyes (including ones for presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney), and a disco ball for dancers to groove too, among others. Watch this video describing the costumes:

To find the shirts and learn more about Digitaldudz, check out the website here. If you already have the app or plan on getting it, take a look at this video for seven tips on how to best use the tech with your costume:

Also, if you missed Rober's original iPad creation from last year, here's that video:

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