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One cold, stony limo ride': WSJ's Noonan entertains a Romney victory


Conservative columnist Peggy Noonan writes in the Wall Street Journal that President Obama won the second debate. But perhaps he didn't take the highest road:

This was the president of the United States standing with the other major party's presidential candidate and saying things that were harsh and personal—you're selfish and greedy, you care for nothing but yourself, you have no sense of responsibility to others. Later Mr. Obama called Mr. Romney "a good man" who "loves his family," but it sounded pro forma and hollow because it was. He does not think Mr. Romney is a good man: He'd started the evening telling us at some length that he was a bad one. ...

[F]or a sitting president to come out with that kind of put-down—I couldn't imagine a JFK doing it, with his cool, or a Jerry Ford with his Midwestern decency, or a Reagan, or the Bushes. When you are president, you don't stand next to an opponent and accuse and attack. ...

If Mr. Romney wins, that's going to be one cold, stony limo ride they share from the White House on Inauguration Day.

[Wall Street Journal]

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