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F**k Facts!': Bill Maher Lashes Out at Conservative Panelists Who Defended Romney's Libya Debate Claims


"Your attitude is, ‘f**k facts.'"

Bill Maher (Photo Credit: HBO)

A heated discussion about the Obama administration's handling of Libya erupted during Friday night's episode of "Real Time With Bill Maher." MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor and Maher clashed with National Review's John Fund and writer Boris Epshteyn over Republican candidate Mitt Romney's handling of the sensitive issue during the second presidential debate.

Maher and Taylor railed against Romney, claiming that his accusation that President Barack Obama didn't promptly call the events that led to the deaths of four Americans in Libya "an act of terror" were untrue. Maher, doubling down on his assertion, played a clip from the debate in which Romney definitively said, "It took the president 14 days before he called the attack in Benghazi an act of terror."

Mediaite has more about the on-air debate that subsequently unfolded:

Maher began by noting the Libya moment from the second presidential debate, when Romney said the president didn’t call the attack an act of terror until 14 days later. He then showed a quote from the following day — in which Obama said “no acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation.” As well as a quote from the day after.

This is a gaffe, Maher said. As Fund and Epshteyn heatedly argued against that point, Taylor told them, “You watched Mitt Romney on the president, and buck his ass right into the hall.”

Maher himself was hung up on his central point: Romney said it took the president two weeks say act of terror, but the quotes say otherwise. “Please admit that,” he said. Epshteyn argued that Obama “didn’t call it terror” despite using the phrase.

Maher, clearly unable to handle the more conservative opinions espoused by Fund and Epshteyn, said, "You guys are so f--ked up," and proceeded to voice annoyance with the fact that they wouldn't agree with the notion that Romney was incorrect in his debate assertions.

"Your attitude is, 'f--k facts,'" the host continued.

As the conversation progressed, Maher also said he couldn't understand why the conservative panelists wouldn't admit that the video may have played a part in the violence that unfolded in Libya -- especially considering protests in other cities that ignited as a result of the controversial anti-Islam clip.

Watch the entire debate below (​content warning​ -- strong language):

(H/T: Mediaite)



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