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Chris Matthews Badgers Young Romney Supporter Over Benghazi Attack: 'Everybody Knows It's About the Video

Credit: Screen cap from YouTube

In the hours before the final presidential debate on Monday, MSNBC's Chris Matthews was talking to people outside of Linn University in Boca Raton. Just before 7:30pm, Matthews walked the crowd lining the network's broadcast area and allowed folks a few seconds of TV to predict who would win tonight's debate and possibly the election.

Credit: Screen cap from YouTube

As the brief segment wrapped, Mr. Matthews encountered a young Romney supporter who said he was picking Mitt because "He doesn't cover up scandals in the Middle East."

Never one to back down from a fight, Matthews went into "bully mode" and started challenging and badgering the young man:

Matthews: "What was the scandal that was covered up?"

Romney supporter: "Benghazi... well I mean..."

Matthews: "What was the scandal?"

Romney supporter: "Well..."

Matthews: (Pressing) "Get to it! Nail it! What was the scandal?"

Romney supporter: "He said it was about the video...

Matthews: (Cutting off the student) "Yeah it was about the video..." (turning away to the camera) "Thank you... Everybody knows it was about the video, it's all about the video. Thank you."

It's interesting that even after the Obama administration has seemingly admitted that the anti-Muslim YouTube video was not the cause of the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Matthews still hasn't gotten the memo.

Evidence clearly suggests that the attack, carried out on the anniversary of 9/11, was a coordinated and pre-planned terrorist attack by radical Islamists, not a spontaneous occurrence sparked by a protest.

Here's the unedited clip:

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