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Farrakhan Lambastes Romney in Unhinged Rant & Claims American Exceptionalism Is an 'Exceptional Lie


"...we not givin' white folk one more day to claim this as yours exclusively."

The Minister Louis Farrakhan (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Earlier this month, the Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered advice to President Barack Obama during a fiery speech in Charlotte, North Carolina. In a follow-up address entitled, "Guidance for Our President & Our Nation: Part II," the leader of the Nation of Islam continued his rhetoric, taking aim at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and labeling American exceptionalism an "exceptional lie."

Among his other claims, Farrakhan used his address, which he delivered from Chicago, Illinois, to say that Romney stands for "nothing" and that truth is not on the GOP candidate's side. He also said that Romney is "revving up the team," but is doing so without a solid foundation or basis.

"Now if his team takes the field, they can't win cause they're not rooted in that which wins," Farrakhan said. "That which wins is not democracy. That which wins is truth."

Truth, he contends, has nothing to do with "the white color of your skin or the black color of your skin." While he didn't explain what, exactly, his definition of "truth" is, he proclaimed that those -- like Romney -- living without it are "a failure in representation of the God who gives us skin and gives us spirit to guide that skin."

It was at this point, relatively early in the speech, that Farrakhan unleashed, using race in his assessment of both Romney and the current state of affairs.

"In order for us to save our nation...cause we not givin' white folk one more day to claim this as yours exclusively," Farrakhan said. "Imagine -- Romney's father was born in Mexico. And became a governor. What price did he and his father pay to own this -- to dictate the direction of this."

Then, the National of Islam leader referred to Romney as a "Johnny-come-lately" and said, "When you got here you found a country that you did not build. When you got here you found a country almost every square inch of it soaked with the blood of the indigenous Indians and the blacks and the suffering people who came to build."

Farrakhan then told the audience that they did not willingly come to America, but that they were brought here.

"It was chosen for us," he proclaimed.

Watch these comments, below:

And Farrakhan wasn't done there. He also wanted to make it clear that American exceptionalism, which he defined as, "the belief that the United States is different from other countries in that it has a specific world mission to spread liberty and democracy," is a bald-faced lie.

"Now, Mr. Romney's telling us about American exceptionalism. What does it mean?...Now, that's an exceptional lie, isn't it?," he said. "An ideology based on liberty. Let's start with that lie first."

Farrakhan then proceeded to explain why exceptionalism isn't a valid construct, using race, again, as a dividing factor.

Watch this portion of the address, below:



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