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Here's What Glenn Beck Would Have Told President Obama in Foreign Policy Debate


"It is dangerous how arrogant this guy is with his lies."

In the wake of Monday evening's final presidential debate focused on foreign policy, Glenn Beck expressed his dismay that GOP contender Mitt Romney did not assail the president the way he would have over the administration's botched handling of the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi. On Monday, Beck invited former CIA analyst Claire Lopez on the program to discuss what really happened on the ground in Libya and what the real motivations were for Ambassador Christopher Steven's slaying. What was revealed was shocking, to put it lightly.

Beck said he was waiting on bated breath while watching the debate for Romney to hand Obama "his head" to him over Libya but instead, Romney chose to take a different approach. It is likely Obama's rival sought to err on the side of caution, particularly because the mainstream media is already stacked against him.

"It is dangerous how arrogant this guy is with his lies," Beck said of Obama.

And indeed, the media has wholeheartedly named Obama "winner" of the last presidential debate. Beck noted that Romney could have "hit harder" about how the administration is "funneling weapons into Syria via the Muslim Brotherhood" and how the president is "too buddy buddy with Turkey right now chatting up with Iran." But Romney didn't. Rather, "he deflected the attack line Obama surely wanted to go off on: 'Mitt Romney is a war monger.'"

Romney may have successfully told people last evening that he is not simply a rich, out of touch aggressor. Romney also knew that it is difficult to trump a sitting president on foreign policy issues and perhaps that is why he tied many of the issues back to American economic policy.

Beck went on to list the myriad "lies" perpetrated by Obama during the debate including his worldwide "apology tour," requesting "permission from Pakistan" to perform special operations there, particularly with regard to bin Laden, and a host of other foreign policy-related blunders.

Watch Beck "expose the truth" below. What follows is an additional segment further dissecting the attacks on our embassy in Libya.


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