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In Their Own Words: Find Out Where Obama Supporters Get Their News


"The comedian on Comedy Central?"



MRCTV's Dan Joseph visited a "packed" Obama rally at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. to try to get an answer to one of life's most elusive questions: Where do liberals get their news?

The answers may or may not shock you.

"We want to know, who's the journalist you trust the most to bring you informative election coverage and political news this cycle?" Joseph asks.

"I usually watch CNN, because they seem a little more objective," one man replies.

"Definitely not anyone on CNN," another person says later in the video, explaining that the network is too far to the right for her taste.

If you can believe it, multiple Obama supporters said they get their news from Comedy Central's Jon Stewart, a comedian.

"Maybe Jon Stewart," a young Obama supporter says.

"Jon Stewart, the comedian on Comedy Central?" Joseph asks, wanting to make sure he heard him right. Stewart actually tied Maddow for the most popular answer. Not Fox News finished in a close second.



"I really refuse to watch Fox News," an older woman says, later adding "the hatred that is coming from the right...you won't hear that by Rachel Maddow. It's just respectful."

Another man says he really likes "Alan Cooper" because there's just "something about him."  We can only assume he actually meant CNN's Anderson Cooper, but that can't be confirmed.

"I would say Jon Stewart," a female Obama supporter said, also agreeing with her friend on HBO's Bill Maher. "They definitely know what they're talking about."

"Anyone but Fox," a woman says. Hysterically, the same woman later says she has no problem with Bret Baier as a news reporter.

Here's the running tally of the various places that Obama supporters get their news:

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow: 4

MSNBC's Chris Matthews: 1

NBC's Brian Williams: 1

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart: 4

Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert: 1

HBO's Bill Maher: 2

CNN: 1

Not Fox News: 3

Anyone but CNN: 1

Politifact: 2

Alan Cooper?: 1

Fox News' Bret Baier: 1

Watch the hilarious video via MRCTV below:

Just as a bonus, MRCTV also asked participants at the George Mason University event what is the worst that a President Mitt Romney could do. Here are their answers:

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