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CNN is entitled to their opinion


On CNN's Starting Point, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz dismissed reports that the Obama campaign is giving up on North Carolina as an "opinion."

"CNN has just changed North Carolina as a toss-up state to now a lean Romney state," host Soledad O'Brien said. "And our sources tell us that the Obama campaign officials think North Carolina is moving out of reach as a possibility, sort of a path for winning that. Where does the campaign stand, considering how tight this is in that particular leaning column for that state?"

Wasserman Schultz responded, "Well, we've been -- first of all, CNN is entitled to their opinion."

"Why, thank you," O'Brien said.

Schultz went on to say the Obama campaign is not ceding North Carolina and that they're "very confident in the grassroots strategy" implemented there.

For what it's worth, CNN is among several outlets to report that the Obama campaign is all but calling North Carolina a win for Mitt Romney.

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