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Jimmy Kimmel Tricks People Into Thinking an iPod Is the New iPad Mini


"People are going to like it..."

Jimmy Kimmel has been forming quite a niche for himself as the prankster of late night TV. With the recent announcement of Apple's iPad Mini, Kimmel wanted to see just what the people of Los Angeles thought of the device.

If you're up on tech news though, you know that Apple only just started taking pre-orders for the Mini Friday and that the device has not started shipping yet. Undeterred, Kimmel, knowing how blindly loyal Apple fans can be, took an iPod out on the streets instead to gauge users' reactions.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Users were impressed with how light-weight the "Mini" was. Others thought it had an HD screen with a clearer picture.

"People are going to like it because it's cutting-edge. I think they're going to like the beveled edges," one observer of the iPod said.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Two women said they would "definitely" buy it because they liked the smaller size.

No one shown in the clip questions whether this 4-inch iPod is really the 7-inch iPad Mini.

Watch the segment:

If you missed it, Kimmel played a similar trick after Apple released its iPhone 5 last month but provided viewers with the iPhone 4S for commentary. Here's that one, which has 16.6 million hits:


(H/T: Gizmodo)

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