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Obama takes page from Putin campaign book


Likening voting to sex isn't the only way President Obama is taking cues from Russian President Vladimir Putin in his reelection campaign.

As Becket reported, Obama's latest ad is a bit of a shameless knock-off of Putin's “Hey, voting’s kinda’-sorta’ like sex” ad campaign that tried to woo "virgin" voters earlier this year.  But a larger theme in Putin's sex-y ad campaign was trust:

In one video, a young woman tells a consultant: "You know doctor, I am very scared, although my choice is one of love."

"Of course I understand," the "doctor" replies.

"Everyone is afraid the first time. The main thing is to trust your choice. Because trust is love. And you can trust your choice."

To romantic music, the camera then closes in on a picture of Mr Putin, and the girl is shown walking to a polling station.

By sheer coincidence, the latest version of Obama's stump speech delivers a similar message:

I will transmit this information to Vladimir.

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