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We Talked to the Guy Who Uploaded the Alleged 'Obama Kenyan Birth Video'...Here's What He Had to Say About the Flag, the Film & That Huge Baby


"It could have been like, born really fat and then like most Kenyans became thinner and thinner."

Image still from "Obama Sr filmimg his sons birth in Kenya." (Vimeo)

The man who uploaded the purported home footage of President Barack Obama's birth in a Kenyan hospital insists it's not a hoax, despite numerous, obvious questions about its authenticity.

TheBlaze spoke Friday with Peter Rehnquist, who identified himself as a Romanian citizen working in New York as an exporter. Rehnquist said he was given the footage by an African man in his 60s who is a longtime friend and colleague of his.

Among the issues with the video are that it was apparently shot on Super 8 mm film (not introduced by Eastman Kodak until four years after the president was born); shows a Kenyan flag (not adopted until two years later); and that the "newborn" Obama baby is suspiciously large and clean-looking.

Rehnquist said he can explain everything.

What's with the Super 8 issue?

"The thing is it could have been like 8 and not Super 8, I don't know, the guy just got the films, the actual films. It says Super 8, might have been 8."

How about the Kenyan flag?

"He told me that the actual flag was in Kenya, not officially, so they could have just put the flag on the bed because this was still a symbol in Kenya at the time, just not an official flag. It doesn't mean anything, it's just two tiny details."

​Why did the baby look so big?

"Babies in Kenya are always like -- food in Kenya used to be in very low supply and it could have been like, born really fat and then like most Kenyans became thinner and thinner...[he] could have shrunk."

Why did the baby look so clean?

"It could have been like he was born and then they shot it again or something, just because they didn't have the camera or something....He might have [been] born, cleaned him up and they did it again."

​What can you tell me about the man who gave you the footage?

"I cannot say his name but he is a long family friend, he's 60 years old, he might have gotten it from his acquaintances in Kenya. I'm not sure if he was there or not, he just gave it to me and said go ahead and publish it...I think that if I am getting a package from Kenya and it's a guy I trust, it's my obligation to at least put it out there. And I have no reason to doubt him or what I saw."

​You said there's more footage, about 15 minutes, and the man will sell it for $1,000?

"It's a different day, maybe a day after or a day before...he tells me it's more stuff of the mother, Ann Dunham, and the father. You cannot see the father in this footage, in the new one you can see the footage.

​So, you really stand by this?

"Definitely, I never saw a Hawaii video so as long as you have one video on one side -- by the way I don't think Obama should not be president or something, for me it doesn't matter where he was born, I don't care -- but I never saw the Hawaii video so I would choose to believe that, regardless of the flag or Super 8, two minor details. And like, maybe they shot it just after the birth, but I don't see anything to suggest it wasn't in Kenya and it wasn't in the 60s."

Come on, it's really not a hoax?

"Why would anyone go to all those lengths?"

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