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Viral Video Shows Woman Physically Thrown Off Train After She Hits, Spits at & Curses Out Fellow Passengers


"You're going to get run over by the bloody train!"

Photo Credit: YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube

There's something about people behaving badly on subways and trains that always seems to attract widespread attention. Remember the woman who flipped out on a Metro North train conductor last year? Well, there's a new train villain in town. In a viral clip that was uploaded to YouTube this week, an Australian woman is shown hitting, spitting on and cursing at fellow passengers on the Sydney Metro.

An official description of the incident that was posted under the video perfectly encapsulates the chaotic and bizarre scene that unfolded:

Sydney commuters join forces to attack abusive passenger and throw her from the train.

A woman who was filmed swearing and abusing people on a train in Australia, got what she deserved when she was thrown off onto her backside by other passengers.

The triumphant moment when her fellow commuters gang up on her and physically move her off the train was caught on camera and has become a hit on YouTube.

After being posted on October 26, the clip has already been viewed more than 946,000 times. The unidentified woman's antics were apparently so horrific that her fellow passengers gathered her belongings, then threw them onto the platform; next, she was booted off as well.

"You're going to get run over by the bloody train!," one man yelled after the woman was physically removed from the car, yet refused to move away from the train.

Watch the video, below (caution: language):

A longer version can be viewed here:

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