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The zombie apocalypse has arrived & no one seems to care


So a prankster dresses up as a flesh-eating zombie and randomly chases people around the streets of Miami. While innocent civilians run away from the crazed lunatic, no one steps in to try and stop the half-dead human from tormenting the neighborhood.  Seriously, it's amazing he wasn't shot (especially at the 2:00 mark when a kid pulls a gun out of his pants).

Indeed, no one seems to really care about fighting the zombie apocalypse except for a brave crew at the very end of the vid... and the 16 million people who have viewed this on YouTube.

Take some time to enjoy a zombie palate cleanser.


I can't say that I blame them for not taking this "zombie" seriously. I'm pretty sure I've seen him or one of his half-dead relatives on the D.C. Metro at least a dozen times.

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