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8 Videos of Hurricane Victims Surveying the Aftermath


"At least the sun is kind of out and maybe things are going to start drying up..."

As East Coasters for the last day have begun removing themselves from homesteads and shelters where they hunkered down during Hurricane Sandy, some are taking footage of their walkabouts as they survey the damage of their local area. TheBlaze has pulled together a few of these videos to give you an idea of what some neighborhoods are dealing with.

In this one, the YouTube user "strib" takes you walk around his area in Brooklyn early Tuesday showing the aftermath of the storm, which includes footage of a rainbow:

"At least the sun is kind of out and maybe things are going to start drying up and get people's power on in a lot of places that don't have it around here. That's it for New York City, specifically here in Park Slope, Brooklyn."

Here's a look at the damage around Bensonhurst, Brooklyn:

Residents take a drive through Flushing, Queens, New York, filming many broken branches and fallen trees:

This video from "Natan the Hebrew" shows what he wrote in his title is NYC. His tour of the neighborhood shows fully-grown trees knocked over and a flooded street:

Peg Danelius drove around Holbrook, New York, filming neighborhood damage:

New Haven Register reporter Mark Zaretsky checks out the New Haven, Connecticut, neighborhood of City Point, speaking with residents at a local yacht club and takes a look at some of the storm's effects:

Here's a view through Philadelphia's Roxborough neighborhood, Lafayette Hill and Chadds Ford:

This footage from an unknown location shows someone filming how their own tree crushed a neighbor's house:

For photos from the storm and its aftermath, check out this post on TheBlaze. Find more coverage from TheBlaze on Hurricane Sandy here.

If you have any footage of your own showing local damage that you would like to share, send it to

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