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CEO Who Worries About Washington Gridlock, the National Budget Deficit, & the Financial Burden of Obamacare Endorses … Obama?


"The president always had my vote."

Despite having spent the last four years grousing about Washington politics, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz on Thursday announced that he is supporting President Barack Obama.

“I think in the last few days, with the unfortunate situation with Hurricane Sandy … we saw fantastic leadership by both the president and Gov. [Chris] Christie,” Schulz said. “I think we saw the very best of President Obama, not only leading, but leading with a deep sense of humanity and, as a life-long Democrat, it wouldn’t’ surprise anyone that I am supporting and voting for the president.”

“The president always had my vote,” he added.

So that’s that.

The same CEO who once flirted with the “No Labels” group, the same guy who voiced his concerns over the financial burden “Obamacare” would put on small business owners, the same CEO who “urged other CEOs to stop donating to U.S. political campaigns to encourage leaders to solve the nation’s growing budget deficit,” is now openly supporting a candidate who is anything but bipartisan, who is the namesake of “Obamacare,” and who has grown the deficit by trillions of dollars.

If nothing else, at least you can say Schultz’ unpredictability is entertaining.

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