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Geraldo Absolutely Explodes at Co-Host Over Libya Story on Fox: 'You Are a Politician Looking to Make a Political Point!


• "Obscene lie" • Responds to segment on immigrants: "Oh great. Now they're going to go get lynched."

"Please, I didn't come to argue."

That's how Geraldo Rivera started his segment on Fox News Friday morning as the conversation turned to Libya. But while he may not have come to argue, that's exactly what happened. And it was one of the most heated arguments in recent memory on the news network.

In short, Geraldo continued to trumpet his argument from last week that the U.S. military could not have done anything to save those attacked in Libya.

After fill-in host Eric Bolling suggested how disgraceful it was that the government did "nothing" to help the eventual victims, Geraldo wasn't having any of it.

It's an "obscene lie," he said emphatically.

"You are a politician looking to make a political point!" he added after Bolling challenged him, later repeating the point: "You are misleading the American people because you want to make a political point."

Geraldo was visibly disturbed, raising his finger and voice and even shaking. He even lightly chastised the father of slain former SEAL Tyrone Woods for attacking the president over the debacle. He even added that what Woods's father was insinuating -- that Obama went off to Las Vegas instead of trying to protect his son -- was a "a lie."

While visibly angry at the administration detractors, Geraldo did say that there was room for criticism, mainly regarding why we had our ambassador in Libya if we couldn't protect him. He also said it's "legitimate" to investigate whether the government covered up the "genesis" of the attack, referring to the YouTube video the administration blamed.

Eventually host Steve Doocy had to calm him down, resting his hands on Geraldo's back and leg to ease him.

"Geraldo, we get where you're coming from."

But that wasn't all. Gretchen Carlson went to tease an upcoming segment on immigrants and college and that's when Geraldo threw all caution to the wind: "Oh great. Now they're going to go get lynched."

Watch the fireworks below:


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