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Keith Olbermann recycles attacks from 2010 to make case in 2012


Before the midterm elections of 2010, then-MSNBC host Keith Olbermann used his primetime slot to warn about the calamities which would befall America if the Tea Party successfully elected its preferred candidates. "If the Tea Party wins, America loses," Olbermann warned.

Well, the Tea Party largely won and we all lived to talk about it. Meanwhile, Olbermann is recycling the same, empty fear-mongering that lost two years ago in an attempt to win in 2012.

If you want to watch the MSNBC clip he links to, feel free to go here.  I'm not a fan of Olbermann (obviously), but I'd actually encourage people to watch it -- not for its substance, but for its sheer lack of substance.  So many of the apocalyptic things progressives like Olbermann screamed about two years ago are being used as anti-Republican attacks again this year.

What happened then?  Marco Rubio happened.  Allen West happened.  Kristi Noem happened. Mike Lee and Rand Paul happened. Nikki Haley and John Kasich happened.

The attacks didn't work then -- could they really work now?

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