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Rasmussen: Americans 'not feeling worse off' than four years ago


Pollster Scott Rasmussen writes today that there are several ways Mitt Romney can win the election. And yet, it's impossible to call it for either him or President Obama, even just five days out:

From the beginning of the year to today, the fundamentals suggested the presidential election would be close. The president's job approval, which is a good predictor of his ultimate share of the vote, has stayed in a range of 47% to 50% all year. That, by itself, virtually guarantees a close election. ...

Pundits and the campaigns have focused on a relatively small number of swing states all year. Today, the president can reasonably count on 237 Electoral College votes, while Romney can count on 206. ...

But the race for the White House remains close because of the economy. Most Americans do not feel better off than they were four years ago, but most are not feeling worse off either.

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